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    interesting comments~
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    A friend of my Male spent £50,000 ($77,160/€61,891)on his wedding. Her dress was £7,000 ($10,802/€8,664). £50,000 on one...
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    Jumping in. First I gotta say, my dress, which was fucking gorgeous, was 400 bucks at David’s Bridal, a designer knock...
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    And the latest trend of the post-wedding “trashing the dress” photo — jumping in a lake or rolling in the mud or...
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    Totally in agreement here. The Wedding Industry has convinced people that spending thousands of dollars on wedding...
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    The fact that it’s considered ‘beyond reasonable’ to drop 2k on a dress in certain circles doesn’t in any way alter the...
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    Woah, okay, so I’m gonna raise my hand as middle class and say NO JUDGING. If you’re raised middle class like me,...
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    reminds me very much of my own wedding dress, with the asymmetrical waist jewel
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