alyssa. 21. bipolar. adhd. writer. not an athlete. contains 75% of your daily intake of sugar. now with tattoos!


about me

hey, i’m alyssa, sparrow, passy, whatever you wanna call me that’s in that vein. i’ve been recently officially diagnosed with bipolar (march 2012), although we’ve really known i’ve had it since i was 13, along with adhd, which was diagnosed about august 2012. my psychiatrist just doesn’t like diagnosing people officially until he’s been with the patient for years. but he’s been working with me for like… 7 years now so idk what took him so long.

i’m adopted, i have 2 half sisters named danielle and kendra that live with my birthmother cindy.

i have a great boyfriend named alex who i love very much.

i’m kinda a tiny bit of a sex fiend, so i’m sorry if that makes you uncomfortable.

things i often post

  • funny stuff
  • fashion
  • rants
  • game of thrones
  • kingdom hearts
  • sylvia plath stuff
  • boobs/porn
  • anime
  • whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time

i post other stuff and whatnot, but i can’t really think of much else lol.

i don’t really cater to anyone, but if you want me to post a certain something i’ll listen and maybe do it. this is really mostly for my own enjoyment, but if you ever need any help regarding emotional issues or just feel like chatting, i’m here!